antimony extraction plant for sale

Antimony Extraction Plant for Sale

Antimony Ore Extraction Methods

Antimony is actually mined almost exclusively in area operations. The most important and frequently used surface mining methods accustomed to extract iron ore are open-pit as well as open-cut methods. There are also underground mining way of antimony according to ore home and geography. The decision to select underground or surface mining techniques would depend on the proximity of the ore body towards the surface. Historically, underground mining techniques, including caving and stopping, were popular to extract antimony ores.

Antimony Ore Extraction Process

The antimony ore extraction depends upon the ore quality and make up. Most antimony is mined since the sulfide; lower grade ores tend to be concentrated by froth flotation, whilst higher grade ores are warmed to 500–600°C, the temperature where stibnite melts and is separated in the gangue minerals. Antimony can be isolated in the crude antimony sulfide by the reduction with scrap iron. The sulfide is transformed into an oxide and advantage is usually taken of the volatility associated with antimony oxide, which is retrieved from roasting. This material is usually used directly for the primary applications, impurities being arsenic as well as sulfide. SBM is a expert antimony extraction plant and exploration equipment supplier.

Antimony Extraction Plant Supplier

Extraction is to get rid of ore material from a down payment and encompasses all activities just before beneficiation. Antimony ore extraction process starts with removal the overburden about the ore deposit. SBM is a worldwide supplier and manufacturer of antimony removal plant and mining equipment such as drilling and blasting machine, mouth crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, cellular crusher machine, magnetic separation, the law of gravity separator, flotation machine etc.

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