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How to choose and buy a quarry equipment

"To do a good job, must first sharpen his", select stone production equipment, selection of energy saving, high yield and durable and broken equipment, the cost of investment in a quarry that would be a great advantage, how to choose the ideal stone production equipment? For people within the industry, it is not difficult, but for the plan to invest in a quarry or any other new trip beginners, this question may be difficult. Feeder and vibrating screen is a universal equipment, basically nothing too big difference, don't say this kind of stone is suitable for use feeder, and the stone will not share the feeding machine, crusher is different, however, various types of crusher because of its own distinct characteristics, its expertise is also different. Such as jaw crusher crushing capacity is the largest, can use the jaw crusher broken some hard stone, such as the broken not solid stone, not only overqualified, powder and broken out of the finished product may spend big, does not conform to the required size.

Quarry Crusher stone production line equipment needed

Quarry crusher stone production line , also known as stone crushing production line , the necessary equipment , including : vibrating feeder , jaw crusher , impact crusher , vibrating screen, belt conveyor between equipment connected to the conveyor according to site design width and length. Quarry crusher stone production line stone production line work flow process is roughly: Silo - feeder - jaw crusher - Crusher - shaker - Finished stone . Specific processes : stone evenly sent by the vibrating feeder jaw crusher preliminary crushing, and then produced into the coarse material transported by belt conveyor to the crusher for further crushing, crushing the stone into the shaker screen separation of different specifications of stone, gravel does not meet the size requirements of feed back into the crusher again.

Quarry crusher

Quarry crusher stone production line

The whole stone crushing production line is mainly used for limestone, granite, cobble, basalt stone rock crushing processing, etc. Broken after finished product quality completely reach GB14685-2001 standards, for higher in sectors such as highway, railway, water conservancy, concrete mixing station provides qualified aggregate. The whole production line automation program is high, the broken than large, high production efficiency, large quantity. After crushing, the cube shaped products, the needle flake content is low, no inner crack, make pressure high strength. Equipment maintenance is simple, using the latest current domestic high-strength wear-resistant parts, materials, low loss, long service life and can bring considerable economic benefit to the customer.

Jaw crusher quarry crusher

Jaw crusher quarry crusher(quarry equipment) is the most widely used equipment for the production of stone, jaw crusher broken than large, finished product granularity, low running cost, the structure is simple, maintenance is convenient. With high and new technology industry development, jaw crusher is also constantly upgrading, dawn heavy industry in terms of design and production of large jaw crusher, in the domestic leading level, such as PE900 x 1200, feed particle size in 750 mm, the largest Zenith jaw crusher is a deep cavity model, broken long journeys, more conducive to the material broken, make PE series jaw crusher production more, crushing effect is better. Jaw crusher (quarry equipment, quarry crusher) is mainly used for all kinds of ores and medium size, big materials in mining, building materials, construction and other departments are mainly used as coarse crusher and crusher. Zenith to provide you with project design, process design, suitable for your machine equipment to choose the consultation, according to your special requirements, design and manufacture of products, technical operation training for you to complete the acceptance of the equipment with you, help to draft the construction scheme and detailed process.

Place quarrying stone production line manufacturers

Our is stone crushing production line professional manufacturers, through these years of development, has a mature stone crushing technology, advanced crushing equipment and good after-sales service. Provide the whole crushing equipment, you need to provide the purpose of the stone, feed particle size and the requirement of discharging granularity, and site conditions, our engineer for you to make a broken line, through optimized combination between equipment, achieve the best effect of broken. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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